Wayne Radford is an Australian professional portrait photographer specialising in Black & White. His studio, Radford Photography has been creating high quality portraiture for 30 years and he has built an enviable reputation amongst his peers as one of the most respected portrait photographers in Australia. Throughout his career he has received numerous State and National awards for his unique style of photography including the Australian Professional Photography Awards category; “1996 Wedding Photographer of the Year” at both National and State judging. In addition, he has also received the classification of “Master of Photography”. On two occasions he has won the Highest Scoring Black & White Print” at these awards.

In 2000, Wayne decided to concentrate exclusively on his true photographic passion, children’s environmental portraiture. He especially enjoys creating portraits using natural light, which can often be mistaken for studio lit portraiture. His peers and clients brand his style as unique, and very recognisable as a “Radford”. Truly classical, soulful and timeless works of art.

Although he is a digital convert from the film era, Wayne’s introduction to photography was in the darkroom and this has given him a great understanding in producing quality Black & White printing through Photoshop. While digital dominates his business these days, his film Hasselblads and Leicas are always ready for what he calls “play time”.

During the nineties, Wayne was a regular keynote and guest speaker at State and National conventions throughout Australia and New Zealand. Since 2008 he has produced three hard-covered coffee table books on children’s Black & White portraiture, a portrait training guide DVD and two eBooks, “Natural Light Portraiture”and “Timeless Portraits”.

Since 2008 Wayne has been a regular speaker at “August Exposure”, a National four-day convention for professional wedding and portrait photographers held on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. He is one of a group of senior photographers passing on knowledge to fellow professionals.